December 14, 2012

Written by: kathryn collins

December 14, 2012

Little pink coat, Mommy holding 
little pink hand, the firehouse
must have seemed a marathon away,
the longest run of their lives.

Skedaddle little pink coat,
miniature uggs flopping,
one size up so they’ll 
fit next year.

Nametags sewn in elfin collars, 
forever suspended mitten-
sleeved jackets 
in a Sandy Hook cupboard.

Good morning Ms. Davino,
Good morning, Mrs. Hochsprung,
Good morning, Mrs. Murphy,
Good morning, Ms. Rousseau,
Good morning, Mrs. Sherlach,
Good morning, Ms. Soto.

Who knew you’d be so brave?
I remember my first grade teacher,
when the hallways were safe
and nuclear attack seemed so remote.

Mrs. Lanza, did Adam
say good morning, Mom,
or just get down to

We are all so sorry.

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins
December 18, 2012

These shootings occurred in my hometown.