The Bum's Rush

Written by: Jack Ellison

Ever been given the “bum's rush”? It happened to me yesterday By this highfalutin dermatologist Who's definitely overpaid Appeared to me his only concern Was how many souls he could see To help him choose between a Jaguar A Mercedes or an SUV This may sound a bit cynical But what else am I to surmise Spent a minute and a half in total Discussing the rash on my thighs His 4 hour days must be oh so gruelling As his golf buddies patiently wait Only 43 patients to rush out the door Before once again joining his mates So did I get at least some satisfaction? Well he told me my problem was age His advice, “just suck it up, mister” Now you know why I'm so enraged Ever been given the “bum's rush”? My blood has boiled over the top Where did their code of ethics go I'm disgusted with the whole damn lot! © Jack Ellison 2012