Tidal Moments- A peak in the window of my imagination-

Written by: Anathi Mtila

Cnt say m thrilled bwt t nor cn I 
say I despise t__ this feeling 
Dat's got m staying up at ths 
tym nd thinking of hw complete 
I'd b nxt 2u!

Myb ts jst a sensation driven by 
temptation 2dearly hold u close, 
oh my one nd only meaningful 
emotion, my lead nd cause 
2deppression__ ryt now u may 
be as perplexed as m ego bt tyk 
th chance nd go, go ahead nd 
label m as delusion's own 
daughter or anything in a 
Psychiatrist's dictionary for sum1 
whose mind nd feelings r 
forcefully yet perfectly trapped 
in obsession's own trap. If ts a 
crime I'd b more than glad to 
do my jail time. Jst allow m jst 
this once,the time to indulge nd 
b lost in this moment, nd I 
swear no matter how much th 
distance thru my imagination u 
closer than scalp to my skull! So 
allow m 2ask U_ plz apply ur 
love potion nd caress my skin as 
u myk m feel this relation, Gods 
own creation nd th end of my 
emotional starvation...  Shud I 
gv u a more detailed 
explanation or wud u prefer a 
demonstration? unfortunately ts 
all in my imagination nd I swear 
this z ambidextrously written in 
my imagination ofcoz_?! I jst 
thot wth u knowing hw wild nd 
far u myk my imagination go 
uhhhm fuck Tht, myk t hw wildy 
u myk t gallop, myb jst myb 
2mrw nyt nd th nyt Afta I won't 
stay up at 2o'clock nd wish u 
were nxt 2m coz then th feeling 
may be mutual__nd I won't hv 
so much to carry on my own!!

#Anathi Mtila