Thoughts Of Love

Written by: Dan Kearley

I'm kind of a reformed hippie from the sixties Trying to spread peace and love through my lifelong days A messege of words that need to be shared By everyone in so many different ways Through all the younger days of my life I felt I was just another pea in a pod Until I searched through my heart for the love I was given Then found it to be a true blessed gift from God What can we do to show the youth of our time That love is really more than just a word It's a feeling that is felt from deep inside And not some simple word that they've all heard If you feel you haven't been shown true love in your life Search for it and try to find it however you sincerely may It might just be that gift that brought you into this world So when using it share true feelings with those words you say
Dan Kearley:12-17-12