Written by: Justin Benassi

An old green t-shirt, in the corner
Lying on the floor, crumpled and faded,
Thoughts of the intended owner have their say,
All manners of time have left their stain in white,
Scoffing as they leave, post haste and diligently,
Dilema to the head, to bask and smile at then
Or to perform  a twisting decay more towards today,
The t-shirt is tossed to the cold ground and rain,
A walk to search and scavenge for God knows what,
Impressions from a sigh atomize the rain,
Catching it in place long enough to feel its leave,
Paths of concrete softened with the sheddings of trees,
Soggy yellow wisps that once supplied,
An entire years worth of hope and life,
Until they too faded and now provide
Both support and resistance for distance I transverse,
Only as the rain secedes from the sky can my eyes rise,
We knew it was a facade, however well made,
Just like you said my eyes are ice, glazed and blind,
Clouds concealing stars.