I Dream of Sleep

Written by: David Fisher

I dream of sleep,
Though when it turns dark,
I try shutting my lids,
But they’re stuck in park.

I seek out the fridge,
Pour milk in a pot.
Then scream out in pain,
Because it’s too hot.

I plop in a funk,
And dream about dreaming,
Which is hard to do
So soon after screaming.

There must be a way
To keep my eyes closed,
For good, through the night,
And not just a doze.

Oh yes, that is it!
I startle myself.
There’s a magical pill
Way back on the shelf.

My feet take their steps,
By two at a time.
An hours flown by,
I don’t have much time.

I yank the door open,
Stand on my toe tips.
Behind the eye-drops,
Under the Q-tips.

Lies a dusty bottle 
For those who are tired.
But the date on the label,
Has long since expired.

I turn to the mirror,
My god what a hag.
There’s two bloodshot eyes
Half asleep in their bags.

Speaking of two,
A time so absurd.
My slipper just missed
The prompt cuckoo bird.

Oh sleep my old friend,
I start to pine.
Was that just a yawn,
Now THAT’S a good sign.

With an about-face,
I hurry ahead,
But tripped on my toe
Just short of the bed.

Oh lord why are you
Chastising me?
After righting myself
I saw it was three.

I lay on the mattress,
And there commenced,
To counting sheep,
But they stormed the fence.

There’s no need to panic
Just stay in position.
My muscles relax,
And start their twitching.

Yes finally
I start to snore,
But wake myself up
The clock displays four.

Could this be a dream,
Though I’m still awake?
I’m dreaming of sleep,
But sleep I don’t make.

Maybe I’m sleeping,
It’s a bona fide dream.
Oh what a relief
If you know what I mean.

So tranquil and peaceful,
Good to be alive.
I didn’t once quiver
When the clock struck 5.

My alarm goes to work,
And so does the rooster,
But noticed my feet 
Sported only one slipper.

My god, this can’t 
Be happening to me.
So I cried and cried
Myself to sleeeeeee…