Not Today

Written by: Bernard Colasurdo

This stretch of time I’ve come to see
That I shall spend in misery
A hollow shell I lye in wait
Until my God decides my fate
For I’ve no strength to venture out 
Beyond these walls of fear and doubt
Your hope is that I’ll come to see
The blessing still inside of me
But this is where your selfish pride
Peaks its foolish head inside
And says won’t you come out and play
“no way” I scream,no not today.
Don’t you see this twisted wreck
This tightened noose around my neck
I couldn’t come out if I tried
Did you forget my world just died?
I fear it don’t mean much to you
But I just lost the life I knew
So if you say I’ll be ok
That I should just come out and play
I’ll tell you what I’ll say to that
If you don’t mind a tit-for-tat
I don’t tell you, what you should do
and don’t assume you have a clue
If never felt this painful sting
Then please just don’t say anything
no matter what you do or say
I won’t come out, no not today.