Written by: Charmaine Chircop

So full asleep is the heart which once has loved Greeted by solitude is each thought which once has lingered like purple jasmines in a Spring garden Gone are the breezy dreams which spread their wings in Vales of honey Concealed those lips which once has kisssed each every curl that lay so soft on her bare shoulders Deep thorn the pangs Silent the soul which bear his absence Those nights seem far so far away now Such few her joy in a remembarance But,What does it matter ? Lachrymose! ! ! What word is that? So familiar... very familiar yet, so very strange when the last flicker faded but wax still melts Emotion 's weakened but the feeling 's strong What does it matter? When to live is to exist and existing is without him When to see is to believe and believing is to be blind She was a nobody till He came to her He was a nobody then She found him They were a nobody in the hourglass of time Just ghostly mist from eachother's past sweet perfumed mist which sweared to live between the winds but now has vanished beneath lushed moss and marbled dust