Live or Love

Written by: Daniexelle Eledwhen

As I stand here by the sea
The waves they roll ever constanty
The wind it blows softly
The sand gives ever slightly
Beneath my feet. Sea, wind, and 
sand- they call to me.
"Run to me
Come to me
Be one with me
Only I can give you true company.
I can keep you safe and warm- come 
home with me."

All of a sudden the wind becomes 
The sand becomes firm and strong
And the waves they roll wrong.
Backwards and beckoning
Whispering and caressing
Never still, never resting.
I stand there and tremble at a loss as 
to whats best for me.

Will I stay standing here by the sea
Ever cold, ever waiting
Ever content, ever debating
Or will I go into the sea
And accept the ome that he offers 
Ever small, ever loved
Never seen, never shunned.

To live life or
To be loved.
Time asks us that question, and in 
the end we pick one.