The Pain That Traveled Around the World

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

We share in the sadness.
This unimaginable pain.
Children are not suppose to be taken away.
The school yard is silent
Where has the laughter gone?
The echo of angished spirits crying out to the Heaven
So much has been lost 
First dances
Kisses, hugs
Graduations, Proms
Weddings, grandchildren, future generations lost.
What Gifts will we never see?
Innocence has been snatched from our grasp.
Will we ever be the same?
It is not possible!
Their deaths can not be avenged.
No sense can be made of the senseless.
We cling to our children 
Try to comfort them
Will the victims have any comfort?
Will the World's tears console them?
Will their loss have been in vain?
Lock away the Guns
Change the way we think!
Our rights are secondary to the lives of our children.
Is not one life worth more than our right to bear Arms?
We can decide.
What choice will we make?