free cee duel with death written for ELIZABETH O'CONNELL because she moves me

Written by: jeffry cohan

I always believed i'd die young
robbed of the dreams to which I clung
making it to the apex, the summit, the top
and then suddenly I'D have to stop

I dug my spikes into the mountain's snow
as I begged my feet simply to go
but the longer I prayed the longer the trek seem to last
yet and still I always believed I'd have a very short past

I walked the arid and cracked sand of deserts alone
sometimes upright, often prone
crawling and thinking about all the horrid things i've done
being soaked by the humidity and seared by the sun

I tripped lightly over live land mines with fear
as the enemy and armaments drew near
they marched closer with a frightening stare of temerity
but that's all right, I was never bent on longevity
      © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~
thanks lizzy!