free cee MAriLNYs mAnia

Written by: jeffry cohan


You have no idea how many things I want to tell you
beginning with the words “to hell with you”
ever since I discovered that you're a thief and a liar
I only want you to walk on fire

burning embers that could start a house on fire with ease
and while you're walking on the hot coals I want to hear you say “please”
because i'm telling you that I am amazed by your nerve
and I want to hear you say “please don't dole out the torture I deserve”

you have no sympathy and a shameful lack of class
and after walking on fire you can start on glass
shards as sharp as any razor ever made
because torture is the only price I will take in trade

you had rainbow ribbons in your hair
then early on you began doing things I couldn't bear
I put a crown on your head to dub you my queen
until I found out you can be monstrously mean

you have no idea how many things I want to say
but I promised myself I would ignore you and your evil way
because the sequins have fallen off the crown
and I just wish you could wear a constant and an indelible frown
       © 2012.......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~