A Star is Born


Cradled in palms, a small sphere of light,
Pulsing throughout the still onyx night.
Rainbows pulsing on beaming cherub face,
Dancing colors bespeckle a luminous trace.
Enchantment bespells the moonlit night,
Iridescent pearled orb glowing bright.
Countenance reflected in glowing sphere,
Golden flecks enthusiastically appear.
Wonderously illuminating rose pudgy cheeks,
Impatient for the ebony celestial it seeks.
To chase the moonbeams luminescent glow,
Aurora Borialis behind in effervescent tow.
A hint of a smile on Cupid's bowed lips,
Warmth resounding to fingertips.
Reaching towards heaven, to set it free,
Racing ascent to reach its destiny.
Magic swells forth expelling afar,
Through time and space is born a star.