Trapped In Me

Written by: David Nickle Read

Undone serenity, free floating mind set,
haltered butterfly wings, grounded pilot when wet,
fresh breathing of starlight, smoke choked to cease,
stress trapped a tight chest, confusion increased.

Disappearing time of ease, undone sanity,
no happy days of madness, I hide inside me,
breaking bars of true self cage, trapped within myself,
walking without wondering where, to fly such untold wealth.

Ancestoral secret sword we carry, we know swords secret name,
to us at birth it's forged, for life then on we married,
kept until the day's we chained, freedoms safety carried,
ropes turn to ash, box turn to dust, the chains with will we slash,
their steely links to rust.

Tangible souls light sword in hand, great thought flowing free,
wings unfurling shake off synapse sand, soaring now at ease o'er moonlit fields and trees,
rest in branches, silver white oak, the unbound gathered all at once spoke,
their past bonds they did confess, laughing forest night of happiness.