Written by: ilene bauer

What’s the point of fame
When only death will guarantee it?
Killers wanting notoriety
Won’t get to see it.

Pulling triggers isn’t hard
And only calls attention
To the fact that murderers,
Not worthy of a mention,

Believe that just one massacre
Will grab the public’s eye;
And here we are, to prove the point,
All wanting to know why.

The reason, though, is obvious – 
A crazy, desperate plea
To anyone and everyone,
Imploring, “Look at me!”

The problem with that rationale
Is who’d want to be known
For such a heinous act
That not one person would condone?

For one who feels invisible,
I guess that recognition
Could only be achieved
With firearms and ammunition.

And so we mourn and grant renown
To he who caused our grief;
But knowing that he took his life
Won’t give us much relief.