Love Bespelled


I whisper your name in the still of night,
While the moon is full under bedazzled starlight.
Air blessedly infused, magically herbed,
A whirlwind howls the stillness disturbed.
A blessing or curse it could be either or,
Across time and space to your front door.
To the north, south, east, and west,
The allure has been invoked, sanctified blessed.
My Goddess hears and heeds my plight,
The pentagram surges forth with enchanted light.
My body bespelled, I cast-out my flame,
Seeking out your heart to engrave my name.
My eyes burn with maniacal tears,
The glow from the pentagram, ebbing disappears.
You ad infinitum mine and ne’er set free,
Blessings to the Goddess, so mote be.