Written by: kayzen daramola

Ready known,the tremble,the 
fallen star,only those with 
the woundy heart,stolen 
from was the falleth 
art....only those with the 
healing cry©

Many stories with the 
spoketh wrongs,runneth in 
their wasted gaze,in a 
deaded wayz.....wisdom in the 
empted space,afflicted with 
a fadeth beauty in a warried 
case..si-lent,the meant prey.....

Ho-ly mem-ory,killeth the-
ory,hearted fallen,lo-ve 
broken,tears shameful®...

Spoketh of their taketh 
fate,fai-lure recorded f-rom 
unfortune dayz,,spited in only 
phrase the plenty words that 
murdeth their date.....what 
else? Is life not a broketh 
Vani-ty upon van-ity, all a 
sincereth meaning....Thou 
knoweth,wisdom keepeth.