free cee A TOWN CALLED gentle

Written by: jeffry cohan

                           A TOWN CALLED “GENTLE”

a soft still stream hides behind a small hill
in my hometown
it's near where the highway ends
and where flowers bloom all year long
in a town of three thousand

there's a crooked road which leads to town hall
where people trade witticisms
children laugh and it echoes through the hills
and the scenery always soothes

a gazebo sits, painted pink and white
in the center of a town of three thousand
oftentimes two lovers sits huddled in the gazebo
talking of the future, babies and love
lovers smile, in cherished gratitude for meeting each other
and lips meet in a warm and wondrous way

the trees are all at least three hundred years old
or so i've been told
right in the center of a town of three thousand

cool breezes in the summer are tranquil and easy
while tulips stand tall, proud and erect
roses grow redder then anywhere else on earth
and gardens are abundant with beauty and buds
I wouldn't live anywhere else but here in my hometown
a gentle town that God's finger anointed
and appointed it the most wondrous town to live in
where there is no sin
but there is sadness
because my lover left and said it was over and done
so now the town of three thousand is minus one
   © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~