FREE CEE i showed this to GINSBURG the other day and he wants me to give up my literary license

Written by: jeffry cohan


into the eternal. far from the real
saddened by six bells which no longer peel
six clappers stand now, stilled and so quiet
death took them away and life could not deny it

extinguished were six flames, flickering names
players were they in such dangerous games
equestrians, gamesmen, strong upon steed
but unmounted and showed did their need

gone into the eternal by me they'll be missed
gallant they rode into smoke of the mist
my eyes saw as they rode, and a tear did I form
their end, although painful, was far from the norm

choking and vomiting, death was not calm
did once all they wanted was a shot in the arm
paid they the price for their weakness of soul
now six of them lay six feet deep in a hole
  © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~