Erudite Moon


O beguiling moon on which I gaze,
Of thine iridescence I do praise,
A  fragile heart but a mortal beat,
Upon silent strength I seek.
Thine beauty captures mine presence.

Try as I may, I cannot see,
Why thine glow enchants me,
For it is but an iridescent light
Full, round, engorged bright.
I but an insect caught in thine essence.

I’ve gazed in wonder,
Transfixed under,
Selene, edify the perplexing way,
Enlighten thine resplendent array.
Grant thine erudite strength.

Thine enchantment is an illusion,
To imbue daft hearts with confusion,
I'm but a suppliant fool,
Finding the gods to be cruel.
I requisite wisdom at any length