Written by: Robert Mayy

Must confess I would not have liked to have
gone through life without experiencing a hurricane 
And when Dean came I rode it out with a bit of excitement
as the winds bellowed, the roof creaked with every thrust
And I witnessing the force of nature. 
When it had finished raging
The strong was separated from the weak
as if nature had designed a scalpel
to remove the dead tissues opening an area of growth and renewal
to once again invigorate ,renew and redress 
what was meant to be done,but in a bludgeoning fashion.
I then took stock, and things that had once stood proud 
was shamefully, head bowed, chastened, 
suffering in pain 
but to start the renewal 
and as time permit, the slow rebirth
then the flourish followed by its bloom 
and soon I wonder,when will it come again?