Life as the four seasons

Written by: Anastasija Cvetanova

What kind of mood do we usually have ?

Sometimes a feeling , like when the desert needs its rain ,
Sometimes a feeling , like when the earth needs its sun ,
Sometimes a feeling , like when the silent ground needs its vivid sound.

How does life usually reflect on us ?

Sometimes it can be cold and silent like the winter does. Diligently seeking for a warmness emotion and Soulfully trying for a harmless motion.

Sometimes it can be calm and lively like the spring does. Heartfully letting its joyable impression and Truthfully showing its lovable expression.

Sometimes it can be hot and energizing like the summer does. Revealing bitterly its affinity and Providing assuredly its ability.

Sometimes it can be windy and unbalanced like the autumn does. Steadly holding in the turbulences and Adaptably stabilizing in the circumstances.

These seasons circle one by another, each of them giving and taking some of our preciousness.

No matter in which season our path might be caught ,
We always have to act tightly for what we like , behave knightly for what we care.