the creative moonlighter

Written by: andrew delapruch

between the hours of 
whenever & whenever,
the creative moonlighter focuses on
what really matters,
for to them the rest is just 
wasted time,
wasted on the world that had already been
set in motion 
long before they ever had a say to begin 
with &
with the time designated
to work on their craft,
each minute spent in the doing
is one spent 
living &
with each minute spent in the doing,
a pleasure washes over that 
cannot be compared to anything else,
because it is the
moonlighter’s &
the moonlighter’s
if the moonlighter didn’t have the stage---
to sing, to play their instrument, to 
scream their rage, the PC to write on, 
the canvas to paint, the camera to take
photos with, the characters to create &
act in whatever facility they could find,
then perhaps the geyser would gush,
perhaps the mind would explode,
perhaps the world would get a taste
of what it earns everyday
by stuffing everyone into its little
cookie-cut squares &
making us all do our best to
look the same,
sound the same,
act the same &
die the same---
at least for a time each night,
the creative moonlighter gets their