Elegantly Spoken

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Shes the kind that loves to hear truth when its spoken softly
Not phrases from a, mind that is currupted redeem me! 
Any man betrays me is destined for an awakening
Verify this the code of Honor
Gestures boy make them .pretty faces she makes at me
I hop in her thoughts then i jump out dressed in her love still. 
Spoke in a style she gave me.
Personalized the order she deserves it.
Its fortunate I'm telling u its a godsend just to be the guy she becomes involved with.
 High on the scent of her hair and. 
And ill kiss her if she dares me. 
She is a renegade on phase two. A mighty Temptress as we switch,to phase three.
And threats of violence dont phase me 
Ask my Momma and she can tell you " the streets r the only thing that could raise him"
Hardheaded nah, just not the one to bow down to a man or,idol .
Look i give u game four dollars for a friend feel me.
Thirty points i have made her.
I'm the highest scorer on her team man.