See, I don't get it

Written by: Lillie Williams

See I don’t get it

Take a second, take a pause
Sat back and ask yourself
What’s the big deal with Santa Clause?
So he supposed to be this super hero
That brings good cheer and joy
But I know someone that does it better
It’s Jesus! Mary’s baby boy

So I told Santa My bills was due
And I was a little low on cash
He told me his magic
Only works once a year
Light some candles
 And hope it lasts
You see, I gave 
Jesus the same situation
And he told me to fret not
Just pray and leave it
 In my father’s hand
He will never and has not forgot

I told Santa my family 
Was hungry and
We could really use a meal
Santa response was: 
I know not to expect milk
And cookies from you,
 Really; what’s the big deal?
I turned it over to Jesus
 And I loved his response
He said; my child;
 Nothing is impossible for me
I fed a multitude with
 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread

So now I am looking at Santa 
And it is all becoming clear?
That Santa cares not for me, but
To be famous once
 Throughout the year
But Jesus, that man alone,
 And his father
Stuck by me the whole 365
So why not devote to him
 My time and my life
So this year I probably
 Won’t see Santa
And receive a balloon
 Boat or ball
But who cares?
Jesus supplies my every needs and 
He’s my all and all.