sit there, arms folded about your knees sit there and sulk and still you are beautiful even when your mood settles on your face like bad makeup your glances dance with the fire of your anger and your tongue spews threats and accusations but your beauty shields me from all harm and i find wonder even in your wrath cry. . . . blackmail me with tears knowing my heart is your ransom already paid advertise your disappointment with a trembling lip and sniff your sadness with jerky breaths you will soon want refuge in my arms and rest your head on my shoulder asking for promises then there will be crumpled sheets and anguished gasps as you lock me within your legs and lift your eyes to god pout . . . . no offense is greater than one against you you know you seduce with a look over your shoulder you use your beauty as a weapon and you invade at will if i refuse, countless hearts are waiting for you to happen in come, let us pretend again that all is well and you can move upon me with clenched teeth and whimper before you collapse upon my chest and lie about love and i can believe it again and cherish a hope about someday