A Christmas Wish to Santa Mike

Written by: Seren Roberts

Santa would like us girls and boys to sit upon his knee 
Can we sit there Santa, my friend and me? 

We can bounce up and down and cause you to smile 
It will help keep you warm, as you fly each lonely mile 

We can whisper our wishes one in each ear 
But we expect you to grant them Santa, is that clear? 

There's a frown on your face for you have lots to please 
But we can be elves, and we like to tease 

My friend would like you Santa, to find her a pup 
One she can walk when she’s all dressed up 

She hears that dogs get a lot of attention 
And it may pass some to her, that is her intention 

For me Santa I’d like to kiss a man with a beard 
Can you grant me that wish, or is it too hard I fear? 

A beard that is long and white and fluf-fy 
Yes Santa that’s my wish, can you grant it for me? 

What we both want in a combined wish we say 
That all those on the soup will have a good day 

They’ve taken us in and caressed our battered egos 
So we wish them what they want, always highs, never lows. 

We wish happiness and health for the year that is new 
To all those that have struggled, please give them hope anew 

For you Santa Mike one last thing we wish 
To get you out of that suit, cos we think you’re de-lish 

We don’t want to sit on a knee all dressed in red 
So how about a tumble in a big king sized bed? 

Collaboration with another poet who shall be named after the contest