Prince Charming is one Tall-Tale

Written by: Susan Piwang

It's a cute and funny little tale
Or on the other hand
An amazing con
To fool little girls into thinking
That their lifelong fantasies 
and silly dreams
That their mothers fix in their heads
(I guess)
when they say:
'One day you'll meet your Prince charming
A nice, wonderful man
Who'll love you for who you are!'
So they wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Till they realize that they are nearing
Their expiration date.
so they take whatever they can get
And end up with some loser
and count themselves winner's
They score the man of the century
Their very own Prince Charming
and i say
If that's a fairytale
Give me a tragedy.
i am smart
I know not to wait
On things that couldn't possibly exist
In any world outside a book
Prince charming?