Devil's Playground


Fallen angels suppliant mourn,
from heaven's grace reborn.
Souls that once brilliantly shone,
Lamenting winds angelic moan.

To choose right from wrong,
Choices blessed, a conviction strong.
Purgatory, hell on this wiry earth,
a devil's playground, with little mirth.

Laugh devil laugh, the joke's on all you see,
In this cruel world, thrives animosity.
Fallen angels, reborn mortal pigs,
Open a mouth wide for stuffing sweet figs.

A war between Satan and the heavenly host,
The grills are fired-up for a hog roast.
Satan's darkness flourishes within.
deep under many layers of skin.

Sacrificial blood flows from a broken seal.
Veins of deceit deeply conceal.
Wrong choices sometimes made.
Amusing pawns for games played.

Balancing on the line between realms
Choices so vast it sometimes overwhelms.
Tipping the scales towards Satan's favor.
He is deciding on the BBQ flavor.

Most tender is the heart sweetmeat
Hush, can you taste defeat?
Free-will to choose whom to outrun.
Stick a pitchfork in, hog's done.