Indelible- He Wrote

Written by: Jade Celeste

He wrote…
That the mark was indelible
The mark that I’d left
On his 15 year old heart

He wrote…
That though he’d had to leave
His broken heart was obsessed
With thoughts of who was going to…
Hold me
Caress me
Kiss me
And how dare he?

He wrote….
That there was still a part
Of his 45 year old heart
That had my sweet name
Written all over it
In love’s indelible ink

He wrote…
That at 43
I still had that sparkle
Still was adorable
And I still had
That incredible smile

He wrote…
That I would always be his girl
Though there were others in our lives
And we had been driven apart
Our love unresolved…
We needed to explore
The new realities
Slowly building
Something new
Now that we had found
Each other again

He wrote…
That if he could
Right there
Right then
He’d leave everything
Cross the continents and oceans
And walk through my door
Sweep me in his arms
And do everything 
He never had the chance
To do before
This time…
He wouldn’t be afraid
To kiss me
Did I want him to kiss me?

He wrote…..
That he had never left me
Not really
Not in his heart 
Or in his mind
And he never would
Never again…….

He wrote…
And he wrote…
And like a fool…I believed him
And opened up my little heart
Only to find….
The indelible mark
Of pain
That he’d left behind
On my 13 year old heart