Unrealized Dreams

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

What crimes have I committed 
Who have I enslaved
The choices I make freely every day
Have I hurt you?
You live so far away
I owe you the clothing on my back
The shoes on my feet

While I walk through my pristine life
Your feet are bare
No education for your children
You work for pennies each day
Will you eat tonight
Will your dreams be realized?

It is easy for me 
I have freedom
Still I am a slave
A slave to my own desires
When will I have enough?
Will you ever be able to sew enough garments?
Am I your master?
I can not even master my own desires.
The more I see the more I want
I try not to think about the invisible hands
Your hands
Your unrealized dreams
I continue to live in my land of pretend
pretending my decisions make no difference
The corporations are at fault
you remain faceless
I remain oblivious
living my consumer dreams
my dream is your nightmare
you can't wake up
you continue to sew
rooms that are too small
the smell of sweat fills your nostrils
no sick days
position easily filled
You hold tightly to this lifeline
What choice do you have?
Can there be a fate worse than this?
Sadly the answer is yes

I sit here reading my own words
I stand guilty 
Not sure what to do
no longer ignorant of my crime
I hang my head in shame
who will pronounce my sentance
Will you be more merciful than I?