Jesus Cried Today

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Jesus Cried Today Today he saw all our tears that came flowing down He saw such evil in this world that mankind has found He sees time and time again, children being destroyed and killed while their innocent Jesus cried today on earth, knowing what the devil has sent He’s had enough of the wars that we created instead of peace He’s had enough of these guns that only creates another homicide out on the streets He’s tired of reaching out to us and seeing that most of us pretend he’s out reach Although he’s always been there, for today he’s cradling those angels sent to him back to peace Jesus cried today after seeing what mankind has done to destroy- The lives, futures the dreams waiting for all those defenseless little girls and boys Next time it rains, his tears will be seen through its translucent window In the hope that we see the pain we caused him since many years ago I bow my head today, in silence knowing that another evil act has been made The devil, a psychopath once again kills and destroys behind their sick masquerade Wondering are we all safe in any place we go anymore With Jesus left crying today, will the good people on earth succeed in changing the world better than before?