the weeping nation

Written by: louis rams


As the nation weeps today for the twenty 
Angels which were taken away
We also weep for their families and friends
For this pain will never end.

Sitting in their classrooms with thoughts
And hopes and dreams of the holidays
In came a sick person  to wipe their dreams away.

We will never know what went thru his mind that day
To take away innocent lives in such a brutal way.
It is true that god has given us free will
But why go to a school and these children he kills.

Let us not forget the adults also who gave
Their lives trying to protect the children
On this day -For them also we do pray.

Tears fill my eyes and pains fill my heart
And their names , ages, or genders
We may not know or remember
But to them our hearts and love
We do surrender.

So fly my little cherubs, and take the angels hands
For you are going to gods promised land
Where there is no suffering, wars or pain
And gods love is the what remains.