Time to Ban the guns

Written by: kasim ishmael

They say it is their legal rights
For them to bear a firearm
But every time you see the news
The innocents who getting harm

Today a man walks in school
Just a couple hours ago
Take so much innocent lives
 Why? We will never know

Parents Drop their kids this morning
To school and said their goodbyes
Not knowing it’s the last time
They will be looking in their little eyes

When some hears the gun fire
They hurriedly call 911
By the time the police arrives
26 lives are gone

What do you say to them?
The families who lost love ones
Their whole lives are taken away
 Because the politicians refuse to ban guns

How many more must die
Before all guns are completely destroy
How can parents ever cope?
Not seeing their little girl and little boy

Its time president Obama stands up
And stop putting the children at risk
I’m sure the nation’s founding fathers
Never though it would be like this

When Thomas Jefferson and others
Draft the United States constitution
They had no idea that today
Guns will be use to kill little children

If Abraham Lincoln and George Washington
Was alive to see this massacred of children
They would of change the laws
To Never to see a gun again

But the rich politicians in America
Are safe with their body guards
And putting guns in the hands
Who are completely mad?

Massacres in Columbine high school
And the premiere of batman
Shootings in shopping malls
To much guns in the wrong hands

We the people of USA
We can’t let our innocent die anymore
If we cant get them to ban guns
Them what are we voting for