Christmas Morn

Written by: Anne Rutherford

                                       Christmas Morn
                           The tree is lit,illuminating gifts under 
                            it's branches.
                           The stairs start creaking and children are
                           Descending ,with oohs and awes.
                           The desire to open the gifts is a tempting
                           For now they sit with eyes so big, to ponder
                            brightly wrapped gifts , encased with their 
                            names on.
                           Desiring to see a parent come and say,
                            time to see what santa has left for you.
                           Then the opening begins, pleasantly
                           providing enjoyment for the parents 
                            to see their children's fun.
                           Paper tossed all around,
                           The gifts opened one by one.
                               Anne Rutherford
                                Copyright 2008
                              Poems From The Heart