An Ever Present Danger

Written by: Jack Ellison

Sneezes travels at about 100 mph 40,000 droplets are ejected Traveling almost eleven feet Much further than expected Wondering if that applies to farts Heard they can be quite deadly Blowing big holes in undies Emitting an odorous medley Clocked at almost 10 feet per second That's roughly about 7 miles per hour Capable of setting fire to your jeans Have wilted pretty flowers People have been seriously injured Not wearing protective gear The recoil action can drive them Into walls and objects near Actually heard of this one poor chap Who's not longer able to speak The utterly intense reverberation Reduced his voice to a squeak Well now don't say I didn't warn you Bout this ever present danger Take heed and do have a happy life Advice from a caring stranger © Jack Ellison 2012