Nothing is harder than letting go,
of whispered promises, I love you so.
Nothing stings more than bitter scorn,
Pricked by ardent rose's fickle thorn.

Nothing bleeds more than regret,
Hearts forgive, but never forget.
Nothing is more painful than lies,
Murdered love fades, arduously dies.

Nothing is harder than holding on,
love is extinct, unretrievably gone.
Nothing is as dismal than a broken dream,
Mournful casualty of love's self-esteem.

Nothing is more raw than the truth,
Savored prickle of gin and vermouth.
Nothing aches more than self-hate,
Drowning in the hellish guilt ridden state. 

Nothing is more  difficult  than to forgive one's self
To survive, removing a jarred heart from a shelf.
Nothing cuts deeper than betrayal,
to think that at love, you totally fail.

Nothing can stop you from saying hello,
when the next one says I love you so.
Nothing is harder than letting yourself cry,
To say hello, just to say good-bye