Don't Make Me Laugh, Girl

Written by: Allison Ballard

Hey girl
I bet you don’t know that
I’m laughing
Because you are SO worried about me
You are SO anxious about the curve of my jaw
And the shine on my mouth
as though the glint might hit  “something”
And knock it over …
“Something” precious to you
But girl, never mind it
You’ll never have to mind
Because I am both the fool’s gold
And the fool
I am the terminal story
I am the grey skyline
My feet are always blistered and red
I am always tight-roping a sharp fence
I’m always on the edge
And no matter where I stop
There’s a drop on either side
So don’t worry, girl
I can assure you I will fall
Don’t worry, I have always known
My destination
Is a skinned knee
a caved in roof
the back of a river rock
Like garbage,
 Forever caught
Don’t worry, girl
My hair is not a decoration
But a downfall
Girl, I cry more often
than you probably thought
You don’t have to push me
I’m pretty much always ready to move
My splintered fingers no longer wince
When picking up the broken pieces
Of my broken heart
This is what I do...
So don’t you dare
Make me laugh…