Shear Envy

Written by: Jon A Cavanaugh

I wish I could grow
A long winter coat
As do the sheep and mountain goat
I'm a cold shivering hairless
But this is my fate
To freeze while I wear less

Say the sheep:
We'd like cool breezes
To tickle our skin
But these thick heavy coats
Don't let any in
We'd shear off our coats
And put them on him
But this is our fate
We really can't win

Says the farmer:
The shivering hairless
Is occasionally cold
But it is small
and lives to be old
And the sheep get sheared 
On hot summer days
But during the winter 
They're the food on our trays

There's always a downside
You needn't look far
So be thankful to fate
That you are who you are