Harry Potter

Written by: Caity Lynn Bain

now that it's over
it all starts again
with the flick of a wand in hand
yes there were many but they were not band from the country 
Which craft and Wizardy 
there's a Z on his pretty little head
He's back
lord voldemort
he's back
he's grown up with Haggred the big tall scary guy 
Harry Potter is what i speak of there no other 
he's learned so many spells, 
he can light up is wand with the flick of the wrist
he can scare away demintors, with expecto patronum
Lockhart says Peskipiksi Pesternomi to drive of the evil 
Cornish Pixies 
they all know that it was bound to happen sooner or later
his parents died, but he servied 
he had a charm on him
only HE could live through such evil spell
Harry Potter WILL live he can NOT die ;)