Part two of So much do I desire of that which I may never have

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

I would love to kiss my way into the depths –
 the depths of your heart, your life, your acceptance.
 I wish I could kiss away all that seems to bind you –
 To your current state of mind – desire to be alone –
 taking you on a million miles of empty, shallowness, - 
a painful journey that has brought you to the edge –
 the edge of an abyss, a deep, ghostly, black hole 
from whence there will be no return. 

Of coarse all of the above is seen through the mind’s eye,
 that writes from it’s own perspective,
 it’s own desire and experiences with the Princess.

 B. J. “A” 2
 June 28th 2007