Owed to Steve,

Written by: shonie griffin

Ode to Steve,

You controlling backstabber, you've lost control of me. 

You took what you could get, but it belonged to me.

Self Respect, you have none of, So you took mine from me.

You believed you were entitled, That it should all be free,

You think the whole world owes, and you think your due.

you steal from everyone, no one is exempt from you.

I wish they'd all punch you in the eye and kick you in head.

for everything you've lied about and everything you've said.

All the years I wasted,  you wrecked them all for me

All the holidays and family times, days that should be great, 

you destroyed them all for me, and now its you i hate.

you only have yourself  to blame, and you have sealed your fate.

All the slander, and the lies you spread, 
what comes around goes around.

I pray that karma's true, that's my wish for you.

I hope You get what you deserve, but multiplied times two.

It is my life, I've taken it back, 

I'm finally rid of you.