Hottest thing in Town

Written by: Robert Mayy

Hottest Thing in Town

I was kind of feeling merry
Drinking wine and sipping sherry
My mind was ready for a move
My feet were hitching for a groove
I was feeling as high as a kite
My hair was combed, my teeth were white
I was feeling so good
I thought I could, lick anything in sight
I felt the hottest thing in town

I picked myself up and headed for a ball
I was determined something had to fall
I made for the bar and ordered a gin
And eyed up all the girls i cared to win
I felt so good I would get my way
I could not wish for a better day
I was out for fun, I was out to play
I was feeling so good, it felt so right
I felt the hottest thing in town

I danced and boozed away till three
By now I was weary and could hardly see
The crowd was drifting from the floor
Panic set in because I didn't score
I knew why I was there that very night
My pockets were full, the timing was right
I was feeling so good, I had to treatmyself
To one of the damsels of the night

It seems as if I was running out of luck
When out of the blue it suddenly struck
It was my friend from sixty nine
Escorting two broads, who would like to dine
He though I looked lonely, so he would put me right
With a young lady of the night
I was feeling good, I danced again
My anticipitation rekindled for a new game

We chatted and chatted, then walked her to her door
She took me home and bolted the door
Then told me; relax, you know the score

It was just by chance we happen to meet
So lets get cosy, and have us a treat
We haven't got much time to spend together
So lets not behave like a sister and brother

I was feeling so good, things getting hot
My temperature reaching the nineties like a shot
But there was something strange about the lady you see
She had an extra leg where it shouldn't be
As soon as she got home she dropped her frock
Out stood a whopping block!
Man that thing was in a rage
The sight of which I fled the stage
I was feeling so good that very night
But when I got home my black hair was white