What I see now

Written by: Mehnaz Veetil

What I see now.

What looks at me now is
Uneven expanses of pale colored sand
Dunes in maze like patterns allured to be amused
Wind whistling hot on my blotchy hide, burning erratic heart too.

On a lonely mound a tiny brier beckons me
Unsure of arid destiny I sprint breathless
Dragging my form laboriously full with hopes to feel
The stroke of sandal of tropics , my enchantment
In that thorns midst, though intricate in the dusty breeze.

Stooped and bent of scandal and robust sarcasm
of a sneering society, I stoop further, come what may, to that shoot thorny
off a leaf I pick and to my nose I hold.
A whisper descends down the ears,   punctuates my thoughts once more
'Your beautiful nose’, I scent sandal of tropics long, lone, till I taste your breath...

Out come two hot blobs, salty trickle from slits of swollen eyes.
What I lost, is what I see now.