What is the Meaning of Life

Written by: Demetrios Trifiatis

The Meaning of Life

Falling from sky
           Heading for earth
                             No, parachute
                                             That’s Birth!
What is then the meaning of life?

To hit the ground destined
                                 Escape none
                                         Fear great
                                                  Death on!
What is then the meaning of life?

The falling long
                The falling short
                         No difference makes
                                                That’s the shock! 
What is then the meaning of life? 

Should I follow 
                   Gravity’s call
                               Or enjoy the ride
                                                The splendor of all? 

Is that perhaps the meaning of life?

As a way out
            Of this dilemma I seek,
                                    My heart cries loud:
                                                Let’s take the risk!
That could be the meaning of life.

Countless dreams then I make
                          And a myriad goals at once I set
                                                     It is so fun I shout,
                                                          That I forget all the rest

That sounds to be the meaning of life!

The purpose that I have found
                   Is withholding now the chute 
                                       No way to hit then the ground
                                                 Cause of this life-saving parachute! 
That is after all the meaning of life!

©Demetrios Trifiatis