When you left

Written by: Kaila B.A

When you left me,My new world began
I started to feel alive again
That was when you left me 
you were waiting me to collapse
You thought I will beg you to come back
But baby I'm done with that
I wonder what you would feel 
When you left me not knowing that the smile was on my face
I wanted to see that look in your eyes
I wanted to haha in your face and turn around
I wanted to enjoy the flavor of your angry looks
I wanted to make sure that you knew forever you lost
I wanted to see when the lion inside you turns to a cat
I wanted to feel that I'm winning this bloody fight
I wonder how you felt when it hit you in the head
that you made a mistake in leaving me this time
When you knew I would let you go fast
Oh poor you, you are not used to that
I know I'm fine and okay
as long as you are far away