Oh my love is like endless blue sky line,
Hanging above in beauty.
Or like striking sun rays,
Upon a beautiful city.
I hold her like a blossoming rose,
I pluck her with pity.
When the world is lost in the darkness,
I hold her like a candle in my hands.
And in the thick quiet darkness,
I trace away through strange lands.

Oh my love is like morning dew,
Upon leaves of grass.
Or like any fragile thing, 
You hold like a glass.
We shall go our way,
Through that never- ending pass.
Many more will tag along,
But none shall pass.

Oh my love is like the flow of the Nile,
Sweeping over beautiful a African soil.
She and I like the Nile,
Day and night we go miles.
Long the distance we tread,
Far the home we shall arrive.