Soldiers of the Maze retitled

Written by: Robert Mayy

There was a calm before the storm
 A dark depth of tranquility
 Feasting on forward contemplation 
Fulfilling roles of an earthly kingdom
 Then the alarm of advancing troops
 With an avowed intent,
  Rise, Rise, on the move
 We are in trouble, Bail out!
 Then a thud, a roar, and a tremor.
 Onwards soldiers, raise your rifles
 On the warpath, get in line
 No time, no time! 
Scurry little soldiers of the maze 
Be angry, get mad 
Swarm, swoop, devour the prey
 And where ever he dies, let him lay.
 Now the scurry,now the rush 
Panic station, teeth gnash
 Pierce the skin, drink the blood
 Look to the heavens,
 look to the gods 
Least we be crushed 
Buried in the sand  
Be it our destiny, made by design 
Or calamitous collusion of an ill fated time
But whatever the story based in a lyrical line.
You have just  stumble on 
An hornets nest.