Loving You

Written by: Annalise Brigham

Loving you is like a sunny day after a long night of rain
Not a cloud left in the sky; like magic, they’re washed away
Now sunrays slice through the stratosphere; all for my gain

Loving you is like a moonlit night when stars come out to play
Fairies dance in woodsy glens wherein brightest moonbeams stream
As happy fireflies awaken from sleep, at the end of day

Loving you is like sweet summer rain; to roses you are a dream
In spite of thorns that prick your heart you love me just the same
What more can I ask of you, than this gift of love you bring

Loving you is like the joy of spring, when all new life is gleaned
Vibrant green is the earth once more; her perfume fills the air
Whilst we take in with delight, her beauty, our eyes reflecting beams

Loving you is like the warmth of dancing flames, inviting us to stare
In quiet of night, with the world far away, I lay content in loving arms
Pure joy is overwhelming and my eyes swell with tears

Oh, but these are tears of joy
My heart is overflowing
Ill fate could in no way foil
This gift you are bestowing 

precious gifts
may last a lifetime…
is eternity too long?

For:  Richard's "Terzanelle (fantasy) followed by Questionku" Contest