Written by: jeffry cohan


I never cared about those who never cared
nor those who dared
they couldn't but I saw beyond the horizon
and I always knew the wrong direction from which the sun would rise in

so i'd follow a course set by causation
and a plot preconceived by perspiration
they all warned me about despair
but I never cared about people who told me “they care”

and that path led me to become a “week-end warrior” just on the weekend
the rest of the week I tried not to gaze around the bend
then I added Wednesday because the weekend was too far away
and that's how I got to where I am today

waking up at five a.m. To get ready for my search
and each trip would begin with a prayer in an old oaken church
praying that i'd find what I so desperately need
and then Jesus reminded me that living the way I was is not why he was made to bleed

so I seek around corners for faces I recognized
and those who held what I wanted-- I surmised
so I, a seventeen year old kid followed a man until what was done was done
I followed him into a chipping lead painted hallway and he produced his gun

then there were the nights I made sure I had a wake-up shot
shoot some dope and take a few hits of pot
but i'd go to where I knew my stash was but so did he
I mean a roommate who stole my wake-up shot callously 

oh and the sweats of sickness when I had no dope
no dreams, no agenda, no guru, I was only filled with hope
first i'd be sweating and then i'd want to cry
but I never wanted to die

I didn't want to die because some cared and some never dared
so I laid out my secret life and I mean I laid it out nakedly and bared
yet I never faulted those who should have but never cared with sincerity
but then I realized, why should anyone care about me if I didn't care about me?
           © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE ….~free cee!~